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Eileen Noelle’s love of Photography began in College while she was a Media Communications Major. While directing a commercial for a class project, she found herself spending a lot of time posing the actors for their scenes. It was then that she added a Photography class to her already full schedule. Shortly after, she began to attend International Center of Photography in New York City.

Eileen Noelle sought out prominent Photographers she respected from all over the country and spent time learning from them. Their passion for their work further inspired her as she continued with more classes to learn technique while developing her style.

Today, Eileen has a thriving Photography Studio located in the Historic and Art-Infused Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, which is 1 hour from New York City as well as a second location in Anthem Arizona; 40 minutes West of Scottsdale. She continues to travel the globe for various Photography projects. 

As an Award-Winning Photographer, Eileen Noelle’s professional scope spans Weddings, Portraits, Senior Photography, Political and Corporate Campaigns, Professional Sports, Celebrities, Concerts, Movie Stills, Commercial and Fine Art.


Our Two Locations:

Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania


Anthem Arizona